About Us

What is the NeCN? Who do we cover? What do we do?

The Northeast Community Network (NeCN) is an incorporated, regional, not-for-profit organization that promotes collaborative economic development, applied research, and support for regional development.

Integrating municipalities, First Nations, local economic development organizations, and the private sector, the Network undertakes regional projects that help transform the economic landscape of Northeastern Ontario. The area represented by the NeCN spans across the Cochrane district. It includes communities along highway 11 and the Unincorporated Territories within these boundaries.

Through the establishment of committees who are responsible for overseeing various industry related projects, the NeCN works to grow and strengthen all economic sectors within the region. These projects move to align our efforts and resources toward regional development in order to increase the competitive capacity of the region and enhance its attractiveness to potential investors, entrepreneurs and in-migrants.


The Northeast Community Network will anticipate, monitor, coordinate and facilitate regional development in partnership with other community stakeholders by promoting the utilization of all available resources in the region.


A community network which employs innovative strategies for economic development to create sustainable and resilient community systems by working toward self-sufficiency in energy, clean water, and food production.


To create and promote regional coordination of resource opportunities in the NeCN region by:

  • Seeking ideas from the communities about how to achieve regional stability, recovery, growth and diversification;
  • Conducting studies and research on regional resources and identifying regional economic development needs;
  • Advocating on behalf of the NeCN with various federal and provincial ministries;
  • Creating partnerships and cooperating with universities, colleges and private sector partners involved in developing sustainable energy and food projects.

To initiate and promote regional economic development projects that:

  • Assist and encourage entrepreneurs to start-up a business or expand existing businesses toward developing self-sufficiency in energy, clean water, and food production;
  • Provide technical advice (updated continuously) and assistance to develop resource-based projects.

To encourage all economic development opportunities in all sectors:

  • Working in partnership with community regional stakeholders;
  • Promoting the cultural diversification in the NeCN region.

To anticipate future changes so that the communities are prepared to deal with them by:

  • Assessing the impact of those changes in the local and regional economy;
  • Seeking community input to build a regional vision for the NeCN region.

To undertake efforts to ensure that all participating communities are served equally by the Northeast Community Network.


Executive Committee


Nord-Aski (CFDC) – Hearst
Gilles Matko

Past Chairperson

City of Timmins
Antoine Vézina

1st Vice-Chairperson

Township of Val Rita-Harty
Alain Robichaud

2nd Vice-Chairperson

Town of Kapuskasing
Paul Nadeau


North Claybelt (CFDC) – Kapuskasing
Linda Semczyszyn


Town of Cochrane
Kaitlyn Monsma


Township of Black River-Matheson
Mayor Gilles Laderoute

Township of Fauquier-Strickland
Mayor Madeleine Tremblay

Township of Mattice-Val Côté
Mayor Marc Dupuis

Township of Val Rita-Harty
Mayor Johanne Baril

Nord-Aski (CFDC) – Hearst
Gilles Matko

Township of Moonbeam
Mayor Nicole Fortier Levesque

Township of Opasatika
Mayor Denis Dorval

Town of Hearst
Councillor Gaëtan Baillargeon

Town of Cochrane
Kaitlyn Monsma

North Claybelt (CFDC) – Kapuskasing
Linda Semczyszyn

Town of Iroquois Falls
Councillor Dave Cockburn

Town of Smooth Rock Falls
Luc Denault

Town of Kapuskasing
Paul Nadeau

City of Timmins
Antoine Vézina

The Venture Centre (CFDC) – Timmins
Trista Vermette