The Northeastern Community Network (NeCN) catchment area has an abundance of resource wealth, and mining is one of the most important industries. There are over 600 active mineral exploration projects in the province ranging from early prospecting to advanced exploration projects. While Timmins has long enjoyed the benefits of the mining sector, the other communities in the region are intent on exploring their equally rich resources.

The purpose of the Mining Steering Committee (MSC) is to develop a sustainable exploration and expanded mining industry within the NeCN catchment area. The committee hopes to:

  • Promote and advance a sustainable mineral exploration and mining industry;
  • Ensure geoscience data  for the area is up to modern standards;
  • Attract new companies and entrepreneurs including foreign investment and expertise to the region;
  • Increase job creation, including manufacturing, and additional value added spin-offs.
  • Increase diversification of the region’s economy;
  • Increase visibility of the region to the global mining market.

OGS finds and action plan

The NeCN is working with the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) to collect and update geoscience data in the NeCN region, which has been thought to be under-studied. Emphasis is being placed on airborne geophysics, surficial geochemistry and mapping, bedrock mapping, followed by more thematic and metallogenic studies.

The Ontario Geological Survey is pleased to provide the Timmins Regional Resident Geologist Report: Timmins and Sault Ste. Marie Districts

In 2015, an Airborne Geophysical Survey (Aeromagnetic and Gamma-Ray Spectrometer) was completed by the OGS. The survey results can be found on the OGS website as they are released.