World’s Best Snowmobile Destination

As part of their mandate, the NeCN is working on an ambitious project to build the region as the ‘World’s Best Snowmobile Destination’.  The NeCN tourism committee would like to focus on building product development strategies that can transform this region into a world renowned snowmobile tourism destination. The Northeastern region has one of the strongest snowmobile trail systems in the world and one of longest winter seasons in Ontario, however, additional product development efforts are required to achieve the goal of being classified as a tourism destination.  NeCN is dedicated on capitalizing on these existing assets and bringing them together to build a world class snowmobiling product.
In an effort to achieve the ultimate goal of developing the region as ‘The World’s Best Snowmobile Destination’, the NeCN has developed a four phase approach that will bring together communities, private sector operators, tourism organizations, government, snowmobile districts and their member clubs to achieve this goal.  The four phased approach will include the following:

    1. Situational Analysis of Snowmobile Tourism in the Northeastern Ontario
    2. Stakeholder Consultations/Engagement
    3. Northeastern Ontario Tourism Snowmobiling Symposium
    4. Five Year Snowmobile Tourism Destination Plan for Northeastern Ontario

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